Miss Britney Rae

I am an internationally published lingerie/glamour/pinup/fetish model, self-portraitist, photographer, and artist with an affinity for corsetry, lingerie, latex/pvc, macabre, and burlesque. I have been inspirited by the arts from an early age, so I have been drawing and painting for almost 20 years. My passion later delved me into photography amidst adolescence as I still had a lot of unrealized ideas and this medium allowed me to transcend these visions further. I use an assortment of tools such as digital software, or artificial and natural light as an aid to provide extra dimension, depth, and manifest a surreal quality upon occasion. I have various artistic endeavors that which will always remain vital in my life in hopes of surpassing the abilities or imagination of my younger self. Some of my artistic achievements throughout the years include, but are not limited to: Drawing and Painting Graphic Design Self-Portraiture Photography Alternative Modelling Digital Painting Dance Writing Retouching Appeared in 50+ international alt publications including a special issue cover for TE Magazine. I am a proud military SO, and a one-woman business, trying to make a name for herself whilst aspiring to break barriers and bring confidence to others along this journey.
  • My best feature is: Eyes and Lips
  • My personality: Femme Fatale Unconventional. Indomitable.
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