Adult Genie always seem to be up to high jinks these days and have just released news of their latest publicity stunt which will take place on 1st December in London. The event is one of many collaborations with one of the UK’s most lavish lap dancing clubs Spearmint Rhino.

Somehow one of Genie’s creative geniuses has managed to borrow Katie Price’s Cinderella style pumpkin horse-drawn carriage and will be taking the stunning Genie girls on a thrilling tour of the city.

Alit with glowing purple lights and filled with gorgeous models clad in the Genie uniform of skin tight purple spandex cat suits, the pumpkin will be drawn by graceful white horses and will stop in famous landmarks, to celebrate some of London’s best celebrated monuments.

This enchanting vision comes just in time for the Christmas season and the girls will be posing for photos and reminding all whom they encounter to live in the moment and celebrate the magic of Christmas.

Fortunately, the Genie and Spearmint Rhino brand ambassadors do not have to be home by midnight and the carriage is already pumpkinesque!

Keep your eyes peeled for this monumental event on 1st December!