Why you should join C700

As women mature, they gain a vast amount of knowledge and sexual expertise, like a delicious, succulent sweet apple that has just ripened. This is a fact that is often forgotten in the mainstream porn industry, with very few websites catering to the mature model, that is until now. C700 is a new website, from […]

UKGA Welcomes Babelicious!

The UK Glamour Awards are excited to welcome our new sponsor Babelicious! Babelicious is a new webcamming platform on the scene and we are very pleased to announce that they will be joining us for a night of entertainment at this year’s UK Glamour Awards on 20th September. Babelicious invites you into a world where […]

Adult Genie & The Daily Sport throw a lavish Christmas party as a finale to an epic year

Adult Genie recently teamed up with The Daily Sport to throw a lavish Christmas party as a wonderfully festive finale to the year. Spearmint Rhino where the party was held was adorned with a flurry of Christmas lights to rival those from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Outfits were skimpy and barely there, the drink was free flowing and the atmosphere was electric with party goers buzzing […]

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