This week we caught up with model, socialite and reality TV star Sian Barbie McSween for a saucy interview. Our chosen hang out was London’s Mayfair bar where we sipped dirty Martini’s over a cosy and intimate chat.

Sian arrived straight from a photoshoot and was dressed to kill in a gorgeous candy pink dress and matching suede boots that would not have looked out of place on Barbie herself. It’s a striking look and she looks drop dead gorgeous and totally adorable all at once. With her flawless make up and platinum blonde hair preened to perfection, you would never had guessed she had been up since 5am that morning!

The sexy blonde first started modelling at the tender age of 16 when she was spotted by a talent scout when out shopping in London’s Oxford Street and has not looked back since. Over the years, Sian has shot for various publications including the Daily Sport and has jetted around the globe to strip off and pose for raunchy photographs in many far flung steamy locations.

A regular in Ibiza, Miss McSween is given the star-studded treatment when she flies into the Spanish island she refers to as her ‘second home’ and says the best part of being a model is getting free entry into all the hottest night spots. She knows all the door staff by name and her partner Kenny who DJ’s often plays in many of the clubs. We have holiday envy already!


The blonde babe has graced magazine covers and wall posters all over the globe, but is now channelling her energy into breaking into mainstream acting and is doing so with great effect. We ask Sian about her film work and her face lights up as she leans forward excitedly with a conspiratorial whisper and says:

“I have recently been involved in various mainstream TV and films. I love to be in front of the camera as that’s when my wild side shines through the most. I obviously want the opportunity to be a Bond girl or even a super hero, like Suicide Squad playing a character such as Harley Quinn. She’s super cool and super sexy.”

We can totally imagine Sian as killer blonde bombshell and we are sure it will not be too long until she is swamped with offers for acting roles. She was recently cast for a Hollywood gangster film alongside various big name actors, who she is unable to mention for legal reasons, but confirms that she will be appearing on our TV screens next year.


“As for my current TV work, it’s the usual reality stuff, I can’t go into too much detail but don’t be surprised if you see me on any of the current shows such as Celebrity Juice and Towie to name a couple!”

The Daily Sport model has also recently filmed for My Hotter Half alongside Melvin O’Doom from Kiss FM which airs in January 2017 and has also worked on a programme with cage fighter Alex Reid which is set to be the next America’s Next Top Model.

We ask what it’s like to work with and hang out with Alex and Sian admits that they have become close friends and that Alex has become somewhat a mentor to the model, coaching her on strict clean eating regimes and “rigorous workout routines” that leave the model breathless. “It’s worth every second though” she smiles “No pain, no gain!”

So, what’s Alex like? Sian giggles and says earnestly:

“Alex is a true gent, very well spoken and very mild mannered. Forever making sure I’m comfortable on set and making sure I’m well looked after. He’s not only funny and a joy to be around, but also offers educated opinions and he has a very spiritual side to his personality which is awesome.
During our filming it wasn’t only a laugh a minute, but he managed to help me due to his celebrity experience gathered from years in the media eye.”

There are already talks of a future collaboration between the two and we can imagine these two beautiful personalities to have great on camera chemistry.

In a world where many rising stars emulate superfluous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sian’s influences are refreshing and beautifully pure. She admits she would rather aspire to be more like Hollywood pin up and silver screen actress Marilyn Monroe

“She still remains an icon today, I have always looked upon her as a model that shaped the standards for the glamour industry.”

An individual’s role model says a great deal about their character and Sian’s choice highlights her intellect, gentle nature and strong, feminine independence.

I wonder who would be Sian’s number one actor to work alongside and without a moment’s hesitation she says excitedly “The Rock” and giggles. Her cheeks flush pink as she admits “I love all his films and apart from being voted the sexiest man alive, my little sister would be super jealous!”

The Rock fits the glamour girls ‘type’ and she tells us she can’t get enough of his bulging biceps and ripped abs, but if she was hosting a dinner party she has a few other guests in mind who would be top of her list.
Included are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and she reasons:

“Apart from both being amazingly attractive and amazingly talented, they are married in an industry where it’s hard to remain monogamous and I love the fact they have adopted children and they both do a lot of charity work.”

Funny man Keith Lemon from Celebrity Juice would also be a strong contender and Sian describes him as

“Hilarious, talented and brilliant at everything he does!”

And the final seat?

“My final seat at the table would have to go to Madonna. Her music is what I listened to growing up and at the age of nine years old I entered a talent competition where I dressed as she does and I sang her song
‘Holiday’ and won the competition.


We can just imagine a cute 9-year-old Sian singing Madonna and the image is adorable!

I ask Sian what her secret is to her stunning good looks,

There is no stopping this naughty nymph as she says completely deadpan:

“Sex for breakfast lunch and dinner!”

Well if it works for Sian, it’s worth a go ladies!

We ask what else Sian has in the pipeline and she mentions that she’ll be an official meet and greet model at The Daily Sport and Adult Genie Party on 7th December at Spearmint Rhino in London. Sian admits that she cannot wait to meet more of her fans and says

“It’s the biggest Christmas party this year! To all my fans you all need to come along to all our events and parties! Come to the Daily Sport Adult Genie Party, so you can meet me and all my super sexy Daily Sport girlfriends for signed pictures. You can also take selfies with us! All our after parties are X rated too … You have been warned!”

Open mouthed, I reach out for a post it note and scribble ‘After parties, find out where they are and when!’ then turn my attention back to Sian. She looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth with her sweet smile and angelic features, but it’s clear she possesses a naughty mind, a vivid imagination and a strong ambition to succeed. With a good number of film and TV appearances lined up for 2018, Sian is already planning her next moves, which includes designing a branded line of clothing, fragrances and underwear which will be “Exclusively designed for ladies with bigger boobies.”

I thank Sian for taking the time out to interview with the Daily Sport and ask her if she is heading home now or off to another shoot. She reveals that she is heading off for dinner with a celebrity friend this evening as she’s in the process of renovating her country home. I ask if it’s causing havoc with her schedule and in her usual naughty but sweet manner she says:

“The builders are constantly asking me for signed Daily Sport pictures and asking if the black dildo story is real! It’s completely true!”

I’m trying not to attract attention but can’t help let out a roar of laughter. I compose myself and ask, final thought for your fans Sian? She says:

“I would like to thank all my fans & followers out there for the constant support and a big thanks to my Daily Sport crew! I shall see you sexy lot down at the 2017 Christmas party held at spearmint Rhino on 7th December.”

With that she gives me a big kiss on the cheek that leaves a perfectly pink print on my cheek and in a swish of blonde locks and teetering heels, the gorgeous model is headed off for her hot celebrity date in Mayfair. I am left sitting with a smile on my face and a my Martini in my hand and thinking ‘what an extraordinary lady!’

You can meet this sexy babe and glamour star on the 7th December, that’s if you can handle her! To see more of the up and coming reality star visit the links below.

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Article By Kaz B