Here at the UK Glamour Awards we are all still basking in the afterglow of the great success of our event on 14th September. With everyone now having had chance to recover Chig Craig Patel from the Lambo Squad decided to throw a BBQ and car meet as a thank you Daily Sport and the UKGA team.

The Glamour Awards crew arrived to the booming sounds of R&B as the DJ’s mixed it up on the decks and lead everyone into the party zone with their special blend of beats. Then came another quite magnificent sound, the roar of multiple supercar engines and bikes all competing for 1st position!

Craig Patel himself was looking very dashing and was there to meet and greet with a friendly smile. Asian families are known for their hospitality and their fine cooking and Chig had prepared a mighty fine banquet and supplied succulent barbequed meats and a sweet and fragrant lamb curry that melted in the mouth.


My attention was quickly captivated by the striking Adult Genie girls who wore our trademark purple branded cat suits and posed with elegance and style against the backdrop of dazzling supercars. There were plenty of Lambo’s in the house including a green Lamborghini Huracan, two white Gallardo’s and an orange Aventador that exuded abject class. This was car heaven and we’d been delivered a golden ticket to ogle these beauties as they cruised by revving their engine and billowing clouds of smoke.

Wayne Smith and Nine from Rocky9 productions came down to film the event. They are a dedicated, loyal and hardworking pair and with their charismatic charm, smiles follow them all around wherever they go.

Here at the Glamour Awards, we tend not to take life too seriously and enjoy partaking in high jinks from time to time. Wayne Smith was encouraged to shake up a bottle of bubbly supplied by our good friends at Belaire. The Genie girls gyrated and giggled as the bubbly sprayed them from head to toe and gave them that sexy glistening look that we all love to see.


Jeremy Nargi also brought down two of his Rhino Girls, who looked absolutely ravishing and posed like seasoned pro’s, working the cameras and oozing charm from every pore. It certainly wasn’t the typical Sunday afternoon one might expect and UKGA are delighted to have developed friendships with such a wonderful team of people. On behalf of UKGA and The Daily Sport, I would like to express thanks to all of those involved who made this a very special afternoon.

If you missed out on this event don’t panic! We have a Daily Sport party on 14th December at Spearmint Rhino. It’s free entry for girls so click the link to add yourself to the guest list This one is going to be absolutely wild, so you might want to book the following day out as a duvet day! Clear your diaries now and we look forward to seeing you all in December!

Article By Kaz B