Alexxa Vice

Hey! 😊😊 I'm Alexxa 👋 I'm hoping you know me! 😅🤞 I've been around a while and getting up to all manner of debauchery! 😉 I've worked extremely hard and with some wonderful people and have been very fortunate to be quite successful 😊🥳 I've never won anything for my modelling and it would mean a huge amount to me to have some recognition for the hours and the passion that I have put into this side of the industry 💪😍 I'd really appreciate your votes! My sincere thanks to anyone who decides to vote for me! 💚💚💚
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  • My best feature is: gotta be my infamous ass
  • My personality: Nerdy Funny Filthy

Voting is now closed! See you in the awards on Tuesday the 15th of November 2022!

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