Alexxa Vice

Hey, I'm Alexxa Vice! 😊👋 I absolutely love my job!! I shoot glamour, alt styles and full blown porn 😉 I won a UKAP last year for porn and would love to win something for my modelling work which is something I'm much newer to! I'm from Yorkshire and I'm into drinking, dogs and mountain bikes 😁 I'm also a big sci-fi fan (spot the trek tattoos😁) I'm a natural sub and describe my sex life as 'selectively slutty' 😂 I'm a very firm believer in being good to people! 💙 I havent got a single tattoo I regret (more are always in the works!) but I do find some companies, particularly in porn, aren't keen to shoot the Alt look so my goal is to show them that Alt is just as hot as mainstream!! (if not hotter!😉) 😘 More Naked Alt Girls More Of The Time Please! 👌😂🎉 Thank you for reading all of this, and thanks in advance if I've earned your vote! 😊😘 xXx
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  • My best feature is: I have an utterly filthy mind
  • My personality: Friendly, Filthy, Funny
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