April Paisley

For once I'm going to write this instead of someone else for me so here gos! Im me! I've acted since 5yrs old but found after finally finding my place in this world 9 yrs ago i was loved being cockney little me! I've be posh as to dom/sub, it's been a fantastic 9 years and even now cant say but I've loved every minute! And won't stop!!! I started as a workshop fashion model and pushed forward all on my own. But when it comes to image physically the public as iv always noticed love it if you Just be yourself you don't need to change I've not surgically enhanced I've just been little me and like every person/photographer/actor/model .. don't change and my first belated mentor 13 yrs ago said ya 'Pristine' !!!
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  • My best feature is: Nipples tits bum pussy
  • My personality: Pure Sexy Filth
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