Ashton Rae

I work for Xpandedtv and been there almost 4 years now. The company is amazing and girls are some of the nicest people of ever met. Obviously there's always going to be stigma around the adult industry and before starting, I suppose like most girls, we question if we're really good enough for this type of work. I was so wrong though! The girls I work with only motivate me to do well and be successful and without this job I wouldn't of been able to provide for my family in the way that I have. I suppose I'm not the average TV girl/soft porn model in regards to looks as I'm all natural, but don't we need more of that in today's world anyway? It's very rare I see girls that are natural win these kind of things because of how society is. I was never really confident in myself growing up but since I threw myself into the deep end with the adult industry my confidence has grown so so much! I've had many achievements in life and to name a few - I've helped gain confidence for other people and myself, I've changed the life of many animals (If you follow my social media then you'll understand this), I brought my first family home at 26 and won one of the biggest dance competitions when I was younger. I'm now saving to buy my own plot of land to start my own charity to help a variety of animals in need. I wanted to sign up to this to see how far i could get as this is my first year applying to the UK glamour awards ... Well, wish me luck :D
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  • My best feature is: Eyes definitely
  • My personality: Impulsive, kind-hearted and ambitious

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