Bethany Morgan

So, my names Bethany morgan, 21 years of age born and raises in Lancashire. In a down to earth bubbly Lancashire lass who adores what I do. I've been in the modelling industry for 5 years now and loved every minute! I travel all over the world for my jobs my most recent was Germany working for Orion, (a German lingerie company) HUGE! I have appeared in the Daily Star page 3 over 4 times in the last 5 weeks! I plan on doing much more travelling and much more shooting with high end clients as the months go on. My main category is glamour... I started shouting glamour when I was 19 years old and I will never look back. This is my full time job and I. It all my effort and time into it as it's something I just love doing! I also feature on tv as an extra and worked with some of America's biggest film stars!
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  • My best feature is: Boobs
  • My personality: Bubbly Fun Crazy
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