Candice Banks

I’m candy 23 yrs old, I’m a bright happy go lucky girl, with a very bubbly personality. My very first shoot was for PSS and I’ve been back three times in a short space of time, which I feel is an achievement in itself. Plus I threw myself in the deep end when I entered the industry, as PSS is very hardcore. I have worked for fake taxi also which was amazing, I hope to work with a lot more companies future wise; but I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing at the moment. I feel like for a newbie I have smashed my work, always on time and reliable and always in a happy mood. I really do enjoy what I do, as I’ve been a cam girl since 2015, I felt like I should have been here a long time ago. But everything happens for a reason and I believe my time is now! I’m here to stay and I wanna shine!!!
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  • My best feature is: Eyes
  • My personality: Bubbly, seductive, friendly.
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