Delia Rose

24 year old from Cambridge. Internationally published bubbly brunette with 30F boobs! Known mostly from her days on PlayboyTv Chat, Studio66 and her current channel BabestationTV. Recognised from ZOO , Mayfair Mag, DailySport , Sunday Sport, Sports illustrated , HeymamHustle, Playboy and many more. Delia also does Webcam , Acting , singing and is an agent for LSA. Her favourite food is chocolate - and her favourite thing to do is travel. She also enjoys sports and dancing. One of her favourite achievements was Winning Miss Congeniality UK 2012 , she spent a lot of her youth helping those in need. Delia always interacts with her fans and genuinely cares about their wellbeing so hopefully when the tables are reversed they will vote vote vote! Heya guys ! My first one how exciting! Please can you drop me a voteeeee loveee youuuuu !xxxx
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