Elle Brooke

I am an adult performer focused predominantly on OnlyFans and Premium Snapchat. I collaborate with other girls in the industry to create amazing GG and BGG content for everyone to enjoy. Whilst my Twitter has been active since 2018, I only really started taking this seriously from February 2019 and I have already grown my Twitter following to 53,000 and Instagram to 37,000. I pride myself on being customer focused. It is very easy to forget that it’s the everyday man that pays our wages, so it makes sense for me to go above and beyond for them. I LOVEEEEE football, Manchester City is my team and I am a die hard fan. I guess that helps as I can relate to a lot of my fans! I want to re-image the industry one day at a time. I feel like a lot of the bad press we get is justified when girls treat potential customers like rubbish because they’re not “payment ready”. Things like payment walls and scam artists are also making our lives harder so I’m trying to do my best to earn the trust of the people back by being as genuine and giving as possible. I seem to be succeeding so far so hopefully 2020 can be a huge year for the ElleBrookeUK brand ❤️
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  • My best feature is: Either my smile or my bum, I’ll let the people decide...
  • My personality: Crazy, Vibrant & Caring
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