I have modelled since I was a child always fashion etc. I have always wanted to be a glamour model and recently stepped out of my comfort zone and I decided to give it a go and really go for it. I've been published in magazines for fashion modelling and I've been published in the UK and Texas Magazines. I find keeping in good shape and fitness really important as a mother of two. I've competed in international beauty pageants but never any modelling competitions. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and into the deep end and love new challenges. I find glamour and topless modelling gives me a new found confidence and I love everything about the glamour industry. It's so sexy and beautiful at the same time. I hope to have a really great future with glamour modelling.
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  • My best feature is: I'd say my best features would be my piercing blue eyes and my peachy bum.
  • My personality: Determined, Flirty and Strong Minded.
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