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I have been in this industry for nearly 7 years and I have put so much hard work and effort into showing what I love to create. I use my creativity to express who I am as a model and my personality. I have been in music videos, catwalks, front covers, collaborated with fashion brands and I am also my own makeup artist. I feel like I deserve to win because I have always been 100% committed to my modelling and as most people say, I am very unique and I change my looks all the time because I love cosplay. I am probably the only model who pushes my boundaries to the max. I want to be an example for others that you can be yourself no matter how extra or wacky you are. Being yourself what makes you beautiful and stand out from all the rest. I want to be an example to the misfits out there who thinks they are different and don’t fit in because we don’t need to fit in. Standing alone makes us more powerful then following a crowd that isn’t us.
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  • My best feature is: Eyes
  • My personality: eccentric, wacky and Honest

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