Georgia Spice

Hey I'm Georgia Spice and I always wanted to be involved in glamour and the adult industry! I started off doing lingerie shoots, feelin myself and seeing the vision! I then got into onlyfans where i could express that with supporters. I started webcamming where I was building lots of great feedback from satisfied callers and getting my foot in the door with it. Finally being able to be myself and feel valued ❤️ Laat year I found babestation where I have been able to cam ans have the opportunity for TV which is my main achievement! I have many callers who never thought or actually called before until they saw me, I get complimented every time on my small boobs (something I'm critical about but they accept me how I am) this fulfills us both. My dirty talk comes natural - I feel it with my callers and fans and put myself in that moment - because I couldn't do this if it wasn't for them, they allow me to be my naughty self and express with eachother, I aim to make it a comfortable space with them where they can tell me what they like and enjoy me in secret if they have to ;) This is how I spice things up and make them feel a new experience and enjoy it with me. I recieve many repeat callers and especially on Babestation TV and people now recognise me. I give the same energy at the club where I strip, adult industry and sex work is a passion. I want to be a voice and support sex work and be an example My goal is to keep progressing, be credited for my value and feel part of something special. I never felt part of a company before, now I can get involved and be someone. With babestation and itpbabes are helping me through doors where I can travel and do what I love whilst meeting other boss women in the industry who influence me and keep doing glamour shoots. I have now found my branding / image and how I like to represent myself and everyone knows the Spice haha atleast I aim to do that. This would be the first time being involved in glamour awards and feeling confident in who I am, what I bring, and ready to be a part of something I want to keep striving for! I get and give more back, I over deliver, I care, that's why I deserve to be at the top!
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  • My best feature is: Eyes nose, lips and boobs are most popular
  • My personality: Ambitious and bubbly, professional, self-driven

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