Hazel Vanity

Ms. Cameron was born 30 August in Hampstead North London and later on lived in East London; she is of Jamaican, Guyanese, Sierre Leone and Irish heritage and has very unique features. She is an ambitious and striking Model Actress, who is currently available for photo shoots, Music videos, Fashion Shows, Editorial, Runway, Commercials, Swimsuits and Lingerie. Let just say, she's far from a one trick Pony. She has a passion for fashion hence why she has pursued a modeling career. Her eyes and lips are her best features and she has a wonderful figure to match. Ms.Cameron also is keen on pursing her ultimate dream to been an actress and has the ability to bring creative ideas, motivation and positive energy on set. Being born on the day of Notting Hill Carnival it was only natural for her to develop a love of music she has a very soulful voice and has the ability to write songs and poems. She is pursuing a career as a writer, for films, songs and plays.
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  • My best feature is: Eyes
  • My personality: Fun outgoing and passionate

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