Inked Barbie

Hey im inkedbarbie i am a glamour model and adult performer. I have been a glamour model for over 7 years now and i love it!! I have shot in some incredible places and met some amazing talented people its just my dream job. I am a tattooed glamour model and i love my ink i do get alot of attention from my tattoos but you only live once right? My best achievements are just been able to work for myself do what i love and still have a fun amazing life and be there for family when they need me. Why i should win : from when i first started modelling i was a quite shy girl and doing this job has turned me into a confident boss babe! Im so happy and proud of where i have become ive always wanted to be a glamour model and i feel like ive had so many hurdles to get in my way to try and stop me and last year my mum went through breast cancer and been a new strong woman to support my mum through it and remind her of the queen she is has made me proud. I wouldnt of been like this if it wasnt for modelling i wanna give my queen my mum a life she deserves now and make her proud of how far i have come :)
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  • My best feature is: Boobs
  • My personality: Caring funny kind

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