Jas Twinkle

My name is Jasmin, I’m 24 from West Yorkshire. Im a mother to two gorgeous daughters of Satan. No, I’m not Satan, I’m an absolute angel. So apart from having my two beautiful yet terrifying bundles of joy, my best achievement in life is being in the Army. I joined when i was 16, the Artillery and for anyone who doesn’t know, I basically joined to fire big tanks. Now you may think well that’s a huge change, soldier to model. I know, I’m a gal that can do both. I think a good reason for me to win Best newcomer is because I’m not a high end girl, I’m just the girl next door. Not my next door though, my next door neighbour isn’t very attractive and I like to think I am, a little. But why shouldn’t the girl next door be given a chance?
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  • My best feature is: Eyes & Bum
  • My personality: Bubbly, chatty, fun
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