Katie Mackinnon

I’ve been modelling now for 3 years and I absolutely love it! I’m a fun, very flirty, bubbly, outgoing yet down to type earth girl. I have worked with several magazines including Epitome magazine and the Daily Sport and bridal companies also. I am also in the running for Miss GB participating as Miss Doncaster; such a big achievement for myself and this is only the start of things to come! People say I can be a bit of a princess, I prefer the term “Go Getter”! My family say I’m like Phoebe from Friends, lack a bit of common sense but got a heart of gold. When I’m on photoshoots I can go from happy fun and girly to seductive and naughty in a click of a finger, this is what makes my style so unique and fun.
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  • My best feature is: Torn between eyes and bum.
  • My personality: Flirty, ditsy, girly
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