Kayleigh Owen

My name is Kayleigh Maria Owen and I am an internationally published agency represented and freelance model with almost two years experience. Although being relatively new to the industry, I have gained much experience in a short amount of time, ranging from working within different Modelling genres to international model tours, to which I have just returned from the US from my California tour. I have just been published for the 6th time by Skyn Magazine which was from my LA tour. What makes me unique as a person and partly why I have achieved so much in a short space of time, is that I am highly ambitious. I know what I want and I know how to get there. I am a notorious perfectionist and I strive to become better with every task I undertake. I am a very honest person, there is no filter with me! But I always manage to take others feelings into account, which makes working with me easy. I always have a smile on my face and you will be guaranteed some laughs during the shoot! I am confident, bubbly, kind and SASSY! I am mostly complimented on my petite (natural) toned frame and unusual striking eye colour (combination or hazel, blue and mostly green), and I am known for my voluminous long blonde hair. I adore the colour pink as I am highly girly and I have no tattoos or body enhancements. I have a heart shaped face with a little widows peak, small pointed nose and full lips. Think - BARBIE but with attitude!
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  • My best feature is: My eyes! They’re a very unique colour combination.
  • My personality: Sassy. Kind. Ambitious
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