Lizzie Beth

I'm a very fierce and fired up red head with a passion for helping people. I am currently working in partnership with lincolnshire probation, I'm currently mentoring the many who are having it hard in life aka people who are struggling to keep on the straight and narrow in life. I sponsor many animal/wildlife organisations as I am in love with nature and animals. I'm very outdoorsy loving adventures and new places to discover, I feel as if nature is my second home! There's another side of me hidden away and she's playful, feisty and reckless! I am in love with my tattoos and piercings, they are totally me. I look and dress how I want because I'm a strong believer of being yourself...FUCK following the crowd! I love listening to music and often sing. I sang in primary and secondary school as it was a talent of mine, still like to sing often now of course, who doesn't? I love celebrations having fun and just not being boring! I've been published in magazine and have had many shoots. I may have anxiety but I feel comfortable in front of the camera so I guess that's why I'm so passionate about modelling because it takes my anxiety away for a while. My instagram Is lizzie_bethxo
  • My best feature is: I'd say my red hair
  • My personality: Tiny Ditsy Cheerful
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