Lucy Lauren

I'm a full time adventure loving model from Devon. I shoot mostly fetish and erotica but have done various other bits and bobs. This literally the best job in the world! I love it so much and am so grateful to do it! I've had quite a varied career to say the least lol! I spent 10 years in the army in the Royal Artillery working with drones and UAVS's. I eventually got fed up and left to go back to uni to train as an equine dentist. I have always had horses and competed in show jumping for the army so always wanted a career with horses. After finishing my degree and a few years work experience I randomly got into modelling! Now I am a keen part of the fetish community, attending parties, rope workshops and mostly shooting or fetish websites and magazines. My other big love is travelling and I try to go off back packing for at least 2 months a year with mini holidays in between. Im also full on beach bum spending most my free time down the beach! I'm big into adventure sports such as climbing, skiing, hill walking and kayaking. I should win because how passionate I am about my job, which shows in the enthusiasm I put into videos and pics. I think I make the perfect fetish model because although I look cute and innocent like butter wouldn't melt, there's a lot of surprises behind my cute face ha ha!
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  • My best feature is: My butt!
  • My personality: Adventurous, bubbly, cute
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