Maria Giulia Moro

I am a personal trainer and model from a while. has been my dream from ever. i started my career as model because i strongly believe in myself, in my skills and this is the right time to follow my dreams and goals. i am a bubbly person, reliable with " can do" attitude. i think if you go on extra mile you can see the success. that's why i started to work hard without any fears. i did a couple of shots about fitness, art nude and lingerie and i have been satisfied. i still waiting to open my instagram profile as model because i'm waiting all the pictures from a month. i know it's a shame but if you wanna have a look on my personal training profile you can see me and my body. also if you need of some pictures i can send to you if you let me know the email. guessing i will be there with you on september . Regards Giulia xx
  • My best feature is: fitness model
  • My personality: smiling, bubbly, determined
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