Melody Pleasure

Born on 19-07-1987 and living around The Hague. She is married with Cheffie. Melody has a new porno label with Cheffie with the name Dm Movies which stands for Directed by Melody. Melody plays not so long in adult films. Her debut was in the summer of 2016 for the label of Kim Holland. This was with Cheffie. They got a lot of good responses, Melody is not afraid to fuck Cheffie with a strap-on penis. After this, they are still recorded a movie for Meiden van Holland, this was on sexpad with Gekke Peter. Also for the label Passiexxx Melody and Cheffie recorded a movie and now they are really going to focus on DM Movies. Melody is 175 cm long, is very beautiful, slim, long legs, green eyes and a small A Cup. Her expertise lies in, boy/girl, ffm trio, mmf trio, fff trio, kinky play and BDSM. She is very good at teasing and appease her opponent. Melody is bisexual and in addition to playing in her films she also appears daily behind the webcam.  
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  • My best feature is: My Eyes
  • My personality: Tease Please Never forget me!
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