Hello! My name is Mercury, otherwise known as The Bald Inked Goddess. I first began alternative modelling in Australia in 2017-2019 where I got most of my tattoo work however much of the features in Shock Mansion, across social media (at one point a video of the finished works featured on Tiesto's page) & tattoo platforms dedicated to sacred geometry & pattern work was body only. I was a walking talking art piece & was happy to be so. This year I entered into the UK Calendar Girls nationwide competition. I was a key performer throughout & was crowned one of the top 12 & also received an Outstanding Service Award for stepping up and going above & beyond in the competition. It was an amazing experience & it was great to be recognised for my efforts. I will never forget stepping out of that limo in Bristol to a bank of clicking cameras & hoots & hollars from supporters. Still didn't put my clipboard down though, as I meant business & was there to win! I have had my ups & downs in life, particularly in the last years with a late diagnosis of ADHD combined. I haven't let it stop me; I am embracing my quirks & am learning to harness my superpower with increased understanding of my capabilities & inner workings. I've twice been published in Twisted Edge Magazine this year & was supported by them in the final brochure as well as Sexpo Australia. I have a unique look & beginnings of a brand, am diversifying my portfolio with fashion & editorial shoots as well as portraiture & am looking forward to turning up the glamourous side of myself as I grow in confidence & flourish in this industry. Thank you for voting!
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  • My best feature is: My tattooed peachy rear
  • My personality: Cute, feisty, fun

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