Mia Minxy

I started modelling as a confidence thing after a relationship breakdown but I would have never met the lovely people that I have met today and been able to travel or different places if I hadn't done it. I've made some amazing friends and being able to go to different places that I've never been to. It's been very surreal when people come up to me and tell me they recognise me and even other girls asking me advice or telling me that I've given them confidence to what i do. I would love to win as it's a massive achievement just to be where I am today the point that I actually love myself again and has made all these amazing friends but winning an award will be like the icing on the cake that I've actually done something for myself when I had so many haters say I've never get anywhere in life.
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  • My best feature is: My eyes
  • My personality: Bubbly, lovable, crazy
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