Natalie Charlesworth Wilson

I'm a webcam, dancer and professional model. I work with the best team of people and wouldn't know where I'd be without them! I first started modelling when I was 18 years old and that when I got my first ever publication too! It was an incredible experience and I've been hooked ever since!! I enjoy working with such like minded people and really helping them achieve there potential! In this industry its usually a dog eat dog world but I want to empower females and really help them see that no matter what shape or size couloir or religion we can all be on the cover of a magazine!! My webcam work allows me to enjoy the finer things in life as well as spending time with friends and family! I love talking to people so that's probably why I'm never off my laptop! I've done things from runway, beauty pageants and event hosting to just being the BTS girl and helping out whenever I'm needed! I love anything and everything dark and dangerous! The power you feel from putting on a latex bodysuit and owning your sh*t just makes you feel AWESOME!! I think I should win because I'm not afraid of acting a little silly in order to put other girls at ease or helping them decide what to wear! I've been known for my amazing pep talks and really making people feel like they've got this and they already do they just need a little push! I've recently just had a little girl and if I can pass on my knowledge of these industries so she can better herself in the future than I know I've done a good job. I embrace my body, all the lumps bumps and saggy bits and through doing that I've really understood myself and these industries even more. I've even been hired for more work because of it! I also suffer from mental health issues and my body has scars, each scar tells a story and I'm an advocate for showing these to the world and asking for them to NEVER be edited out. They're what makes me well me!
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  • My best feature is: My eyes.
  • My personality: Fun, outrageous and I never say no to a party!

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