Rosie Belle

I'm a pornstar, Dominatrix and BBW Model in the South East of England with 10 years in the adult industry. I would definitely say I'm a rather bubbly individual, a people's person so to speak; i often get comments that I'm always giggling or give off an infectious happy aura, I'm certainly a Modern day Hippie that's for sure! I started out in the industry way back when I was 18 and have come so far with my achievements; These days I'm my own business woman and produce all my work myself. I've been using my influence this past year to help others feel good about themselves. I've been working hard on promoting body positivity, self love and mental health advice for those that don't love the way they look. I have some achievements some could only dream of but personally to me the best reward I've had is when women/men/non binaries have messaged me telling me they have grown confidence in themselves and there looks. That to me, is amazing! Everyone should feel beautiful, no matter if there too fat, too skinny, have stretch marks or mum tum. I love my work and the people I get to meet along my journey!
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  • My best feature is: Eyes
  • My personality: Kind, Bubbly & Outgoing

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