Ruby Mae

About me- My name is Ruby Mae, I am 54 years old from Gloucester. I started modelling by chance after winning a boudoir shoot, with hair and makeup included about four years ago.

I was blown away by the whole experience, it made me feel amazing and the results were brilliant, so much that I became quite emotional!

I came back to it about 18 months ago after taking some advice from another photographer on how to sell myself and put together a portfolio.

Now a few years later I have been published i several different magazines,

The Definition After Dark Magazine

The Definition Ink Magazine

The Definition Love Edition and Fass Lyfe.

I have also appeared on the front cover of The Definition Magazine.

As well as all that I was in the The Daily Sport.

During my short time modelling I have collaborated with,


Dirty Neon Apparel

Living in Sin and Klo K Cosmetics.

I love how modelling makes me feel.. it's given me an enormous amount of confidence ,which has rolled over into my daily life too. I never thought I would be comfortable walking around in my underwear!

My dream would be to become a full-time model.

When I’m not modelling I work as a bar manager in my local rugby club, which as you can imagine is not as glamorous.

If I do get the chance I like to keep fit by running. I’m also learning Egyptian belly dancing at the moment, which is a lot of fun and harder than you think!

To be able to actually enter a competition like this is amazing in itself, but to get votes and possibly go on to  win would be beyond my wildest dreams!

I would love to show other mature models that you shouldn’t be afraid to get yourself out there.. you can do it!!

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  • My best feature is: Legs and Skin
  • My personality: Funny, kind and caring

Voting is now closed! See you in the awards on Tuesday the 15th of November 2022!

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