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Hi glamour awards I’m 24 years old this year has been amazing I’ve been modelling for a lot of company’s glamour, bikini, underwear. Working as a grid girl, a cannon run girl. I’ve been getting my self in to music videos. And also acting in films and comedy shows. I’ve also came 1st runner up in miss swimsuit Uk and in the finals on the 7th September and I hope to do miss England next year. I have won awards from the cannon run as the spirit of the cannon run. A few years ago I was told I didn’t belong anywhere due to having ADHD and ASPERGER SYNDROME I was builled in school for being to happy and just wanting to talk to everyone sane as working in a normal job. I just wanna share this message .... Be happy smile at the negativity change it all in a positive through. When you’re walking down a street and someone is sad or angry smile at them because they will pass it in.. if I make this world beautiful and think beautiful then everything around me with be beautiful. I’ve never felt so at home with coming out of my shell and feeling like I am finally something to producers photographers videographer make up artists as I make them smile they say how kind I am and happy I am and that I’m one of a kind and to keep being me and I’ve never felt so loved in my life. And unfortunately my parents can’t be like that still they look at me like I have something wrong with me and I don’t . I just want to thank everyone who has been patient with me. I don’t want to win for me but I want to win for everyone who has faith in me to know that I was worth while. I love giving back to those who took their time on me but even the ones who don’t I still give I’m like a dog in a park I will say hello to everyone. Thank you glamour awards for reading this message love sophiamaria
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  • My best feature is: Eyes and bum
  • My personality: energetic caring and loving
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