Stacey Diesel

Hi! I'm starting as a new dancer this weekend at Spearmint Rhinos Leicester. Woop woop!! In the past I have done a few alternative photo shoots and I am looking to take this to the next level. You only live once! I believe i should win because I am a down to earth, fun loving girl who needs a break from everyday life so I can let the real me loose. Can't exactly do that as I work as a Personal Trainer, meaning I have to be on my best behaviour a lot of the time when there is a raunchy, bad girl just wanting to burst out!! Now don't get me wrong, being a successful personal trainer is a massive achievement for me as I get to change people lives. However it's now time to do something for me! So if I win this you guys out there will not be disappointed! Time to give Stacey Diesel her time in the spotlight!!
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  • My best feature is: Eyes although most would say my boobs
  • My personality: Fiesty, cheeky, confident
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