Stella Paris

I am a Maltese model, actress, dancer and philanthropist. I have been published on Playboy Slovakia, Twisted Edge, The Daily Sport, The Midweek Sport, The Spearmint Rhino Calendar 2016, Prototype, DymeLife, Pg 7, IOB mag and Lifestyle Plus. I also had stories on The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, and Reveal magazine. Recently I have had two covers in US magazines, RHK and Implied Plus. I also have a role on upcoming TV series, A Place Among the Undead, directed by Juliet Landau; whom you might remember as Drusilla from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, Burbank. I am cast for various feature films which are still in pre-production. I speak five languages; English, Maltese, Italian, French and a little Arabic and Spanish. I am also a philanthropist, where I raise funds for orphanages. My latest one was for the Somawathi Home, in Sri Lanka where I collected £1025 for the orphans. I also blog on my Instagram page which is @missstellaparis and have got no less than 56.7K followers. My future plans include continuation of publications and movies, philanthropic work and publishing a book. My goal is to inspire and motivate other people, especially women who have been bullyied, domestic abused or raped. I celebrate femininity and think that women should be comfortable in their bodies and embody strength and power.
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  • My best feature is: Love all of my body
  • My personality: Sassy, Sensual, Strong
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