Traci Kochendorfer

Traci K is a All American pro fitness champion, model, actress, singer, writer and activist who got her claim to fame when she landed 10th in the world and appeared on top sports channels as a champion on Espn2, Foxsports and TSN, along with covers of magazines. She later landed on reality shows with MTV, CWTV, and online. She has been MIss Social Network, Nominated Most Beautiful Women in the World 2017, Ms Venus Swimwear, Tropic Beauty, Hawaiian tropic beauty , Model Universe, MissMySpaceUSA, Fitness Universe and Fitness Legacy hall of fame inductee. She served to armed forces while she was becoming a pro. Your help to make her Champion will help bring support to her 501 association FPLA program called Beauty Without Cruelty. Awareness to bring a voice and resources for change regarding animals and health.
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  • My best feature is: Bum and Arms
  • My personality: Passionate, Trustworthy, Modest
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