Shooting sizzling hot music videos and capturing on film, the finest fresh talent to come out of football clubs, such as Chelsea’s Youth Academy, is all in a day’s work for Visionary Studio’s UK.

The studio who offers a high-end photography and entertainment service offer to turn your ‘Dreams into reality’, and that could include shooting your dream wedding, a cutting-edge documentary or even a corporate event that you wish to promote, to give your brand a much-needed boost.

The brand has recently joined forces with The Daily Sport and The UK Glamour Awards, who they are sponsoring for 2018. The Glamour division at Visionary Studios are known for working with glamour models such as, Alysa Moretti and Sophia Franchesca, who are making waves in the world of glamour and this seemed a perfect fit for them to team up with the The UK Glamour Awards, for this year’s celebrity studded event.

CEO Simon Hamilton says: “We shoot all kinds of content and pour our hearts into shooting high end, quality content that will make a lasting impact on the viewer. We film all genres to the highest standard and welcome you to visit our offices in Erith.

Due to the rise of new musicians looking for affordable studio engineering and production, the studio can record your music and shoot your video to spec. It’s already proving popular with newcomers to the scene such as “Us’ who recently shot recorded their latest track ‘Tainted.’

In a bid to keep up with tighter deadlines and busier lifestyles, the studio will be opening 24/7 from 2ndJanuary

If you are a rising star then wants to get seen, your perfect showreel awaits you!

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