The UK Glamour Awards are excited to welcome our new sponsor Babelicious!

Babelicious is a new webcamming platform on the scene and we are very pleased to announce that they will be joining us for a night of entertainment at this year’s UK Glamour Awards on 20th September.

Babelicious invites you into a world where you can discuss your deepest desires with a beautiful girl, who wants nothing more than to talk to you. It’s a place where housewives turn into horny honeys and uni students transform into sexy sirens.

Let make your dreams come true.

Each week, Babelicious will bring you a different sensual member of the adult industry to whet your appetite, and give you information and advice on an industry that is often still considered taboo and kept hidden.

In a world where social media and the internet dominate, it is no wonder that people reach for the laptop or tablet when they want a little saucy interaction  It could be down to time, easiness, or purely because they would not be able to converse with such glamorous starlets in the ‘real world.  Whatever the reason, the webcam revolution is here to stay and Babelicious is a new cutting edge platform that will make your experience one of ease. is open to all cammers, genders and sexual orientations, so whoever you are looking for you will find them here. Don’t waste your time searching through hundreds of profiles before half heartedly selecting one on an impersonal site. Visit our friendly inclusive site and see for yourself that we may be the newest, but we are also the hottest.

The many favourable benefits for our cammers include, setting your own rates, keeping 60% of what you make (which is higher than many other sites). Plus their dedicated studio owners will help you get started and get promoted, providing social media support from the team, to help you make the most of your profile. There will be various promo opportunities to get you seen at the best events and the opportunity to also sell your pictures.  Don’t waste those great shots on instagram where everyone can see them for free – sell them to your fans through our site.

The reason we are such a great option to tout your wears is that we actually care about our cammers and our clients. Your protection, security and happiness are the key to a prosperous and content union. Not just that, but we care about our clients too. We respect your kinks, your fantasies and your taste, as choosing us you clearly have good taste.

So whether you are a naughty nurse wanting some playtime or a shy school marm who needs to break out from her comfort zone, whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, this is the platform for you.

Don’t be shy boys, the girl, boy or TV of your dreams could be just a few clicks away, what have you got to lose?

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