Recently we blogged on our facebook page about the benefits of entering as a model in The UK Glamour Awards. Visit our facebook page here for a recap:

We discussed the value of being a contestant in an awards ceremony and how it can raise a model’s profile.

The question we are going to explore this week is what makes a winner.

As you may know, the fans have been given a big say in who wins in each category with our voting system in place, which allows fans to vote for their favourites.  When voting comes to an end, we put the entrants with the most votes from each categories through to the finals.

A panel of judges will then painstakingly confer, cogitate and ultimately decide which entrants should be crowned winners. We have carefully crafted a team of judges whom we can trust in to make unbiased, neutral and fair decisions. The panel includes a famous journalist, an ex glamour model who knows every aspect of the industry, a marketing expert from the UK’s largest chain of lap dancing clubs, the owner of a major well known tabloid and many more.

From the very beginning, we felt it was fair to let the fans have a say, but also felt that having a team of judges was imperative. With a panel of 12 judges, any decisions will be completely fair, as those 12 different individuals from different sectors must work together as a team and use their expertise to make a fair and impartial decision. This is the fairest and most transparent way to reach an ultimate conclusion.

So what does it take to be a winner?

It takes a level of popularity for sure as well as hard work. The girls with the most votes are interacting on social media with their fans on a daily basis and making videos to get fans involved. The girls who are working the hardest are getting the most votes, as to be expected and we consider that fair.

However, being a winner isn’t just about popularity and having a pretty face. Being a winner is an attitude and a way of being. When our judges consider the finalists, they will be looking for a number of key qualities in each entrant. These qualities include graciousness, humility, good work ethics and how that individual treats colleagues, other brands and how they conduct themselves on social media.

Many of the winners will be offered the opportunity to become brand ambassadors, so it is imperative that winners possess these qualities and are able to be part of an effective team.

The competition celebrates empowered women, so of course the panel will be looking for women that raise each other up, rather than working against each other.  We celebrate those who are strong female role models and who are able to be a success and support those around them.

We encourage all our entrants to be the best they can be in all aspects of life, because at the end of the day, that is what really makes a winner.


We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing you at The UK Glamour Awards!

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